Draft decision on distribution of new NPO supply channel Listen on demand | Decision

Draft decision by State Secretary Uslu (Culture and Media) approving the distribution of the new supply channel NPO Luister on demand

Request content NPO Listen on demand

More information about the content of the application for distribution of the supply channel NPO Listen on demand can be found in the draft decision, which can be downloaded from this page.

Procedure for new channels NPO

If the NPO wants to start new television or radio channels, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science must approve this. Important changes or termination of existing channels must also be approved. The Netherlands has agreed with the European Commission that a transparent procedure will be followed for this.

The procedure is in short:

  • the Council for Culture and the Media Authority advise the Minister or State Secretary;
  • stakeholders can send an initial contribution to the Council for Culture and the Office of the Commissioner;
  • the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets reports on the market effects;
  • the minister or state secretary draws up a draft decision;
  • stakeholders can respond to the draft decision within 6 weeks;
  • a final decision will be made within 6 months.

Notification and submission of draft decision

The substantive content of the draft decree was announced in the Government Gazette on 5 April 2022. The draft decision is also sent to the interested parties known to the ministry, including the NPO as applicant.

Submit views

Interested parties can make their views on the draft decision known during 6 weeks, starting from 5 April 2022.

Written opinions must be submitted by post as well as by e-mail, stating the subject ‘Design decision NPO Luister’. Submission by post is made to:

The State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science,
Gunay Usluc
PO Box 16375
2500 BJ The Hague

Submission by e-mail is made to:nieuwedienstenNPO@minocw.nl.

Stakeholders must state whether an opinion contains confidential information. In that case, interested parties indicate which they are, with reasons. Interested parties are requested to submit both a confidential and a public version of your views.

Interested parties who wish to express their views verbally can make this known by e-mail to the above-mentioned e-mail address within 1 week, counting from April 5, 2022. Also in this e-mail the subject ‘Design decision NPO Luister’ must be stated.

Depending in part on the requests, it may be decided to hold a hearing.

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