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The environmental vision of the municipality of Heusden is almost ready. That is why you are very welcome to dot the ‘i’ together. The meeting for this will take place on Tuesday evening 19 April, again in Mariënkroon Abbey. Soup and sandwiches are ready from 5.15 pm, and the start is at 6 pm.

Register session April 19

Residents meeting September 14 tastes like more
The previous meeting in September was a great success. The themes central to the vision were discussed in various groups, such as homes for young and old, or the future of rural areas. This occasionally resulted in penetrating conversations when the interests were different and a lot of recognition and understanding for each other’s position and the different ways of looking at things. Sometimes there was still a bridge to be built or there appeared to be an unexpected overlap in ambitions. Read the full message via the link below.

> Feedback crash test session

April 19
We have incorporated the information from the crash test session into the first draft version of the environmental vision. Before we release these, we would like to discuss a few open questions in more detail. An OER (environmental impact assessment) is drawn up for the design environmental vision. Antea, the agency that provides the OER, has now looked at the current concept with those eyes. They have investigated alternatives and looked at the effects of various measures. Sometimes that results in a very clear and logical choice, and sometimes we also have questions about it. How would residents and entrepreneurs judge this? What do you prefer? We will discuss this on April 19.

For the time being, this meeting is the last moment to think about the vision at the front. After this, we finalize the concept and it enters the official decision-making process. This includes the regular consultation moments and the opportunity to submit a point of view.

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We ask you to register by email. This gives us the opportunity to e-mail information in advance and to send the report afterwards. We also know for how many people we can arrange sandwiches and soup. To do this, use the button at the top of the page.

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