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BUNNIK At the beginning of May 2020, a health agreement was signed by concerned residents, social initiatives and organisations, associations and the municipality. With great passion, energy and commitment, we have worked on the realization of this agreement. How’s that going now? What has happened in recent times?

A healthy Bunnik is important for all residents. When you feel fit, you are happier and perform better. A healthy diet, good sleep and sufficient exercise help with this. With the Agreement for a healthy Bunnik, Odijk and Werkhoven we link sport and exercise even more firmly to health and social strength.

4 THEMES Attention is paid to four different themes: Young & Healthy, Vital Elderly, United Volunteers and Mental Health. Within the agreement, agreements have been made about how these themes will be implemented within the municipality through a project. Associations, organisations, the municipality and residents work closely together*. What have they already achieved in the various areas?

YOUNG & HEALTHY Last week the neighborhood sports coaches brought materials to the schools. Each school received two containers. Neighborhood sports coach Rowie: “One container contains challenging material for the schoolyard. Think of CanJam (frisbee game), hockey sticks, different balls etc.
The other container contained material for “Moving Learning”. Through the neighborhood sports coaches of Bunnik Beweegt, a moving learning game book has been made with no fewer than 50 language games and 50 math games. Such as dice with numbers and pawns with plus and minus signs. In this way we use moving learning and students can play fun games both indoors and outdoors.

UNITED VOLUNTEERS Last year there was a theater performance for all trainers and coaches of the sports associations in our municipality. The performance was about positive coaching, which means that trainer/coach or board member received information about the performance and strengthening of the young athlete. Parents learned how well the child is doing in sports, but also at school and at home. Jesper: “A sports café is planned for 13 May this year for administrators and interested parties of all voluntary organizations and associations. This sports café is all about uniting, managing, leadership, connecting capacity and recruiting/retaining volunteers. The invitation will go out this week.”

VITAL ELDERLY Health markets are organized for adults/elderly. Due to the lockdown, these have been moved to next April: Tuesday 19 April in Werkhoven at the Wapen van Werkhoven (Herenstraat 31). From 13:30 to 15:00. Saturday 23 April in Bunnik in the Kersentuin (Camminghalaan 26). From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Friday 29 April in Odijk in the Lindenhof (Rijneiland 7). From 1 to 3 p.m. Mieke: “It is for everyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle and would like information about various health topics”.

GOOD IDEA? LET US KNOW It is not just about sports and exercise, the cultural sector is involved, for example various projects are being rolled out for the benefit of mental health. If you have a great idea for projects that are in line with the health and/or prevention agreement, you can contact the steering group. This group consists of Bunnik Beweegt and the municipality and they involve other partners in the projects on subjects. Let us know via

*Alderman Ali Dekker (Municipality of Bunnik), Arnold Wagemakers (Sports house Bunnik), Andreas Geursen (shoulder coat), Ad Boing (Bunnik Moves), Martine Liefers (KV Midlandia), Stijn Rooijakkers (HC Kromme Rijn), Lia van den Heuvel (Centre for Each Other), Sports Officer Perihan Özgül (Municipality of Bunnik), Jeroen Straatman (Bunnik Moves), Vincent de Wit (SV Odijk), Anne Gerdien (VC Kromme Rijn), Yvette Bottenberg (Kind and Co), Els Voorhorst (Culture Platform), Arie Draaijer (HV Celeritas).

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