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Whether you are looking for a campsite near Disneyland Paris, or for a campsite above Paris because you don’t want to drive too far… We highly recommend a Paris with children! Ever since the children are small, we gradually introduce them to the city of love. It started with an afternoon in the park near the Eiffel Tower. And the last time we went to all Miraculous hotspots in Paris at the request of the children.

Why go to Paris with children?

There are several reasons why Paris with children is a very good idea. Firstly, Paris is of course fantastic to combine with Disneyland Paris. If you then look for a campsite near Disneyland, you will automatically be in the vicinity of Paris. We once stayed for a weekend at Camping Le Soleil de Crécy. For us, this was a great campsite for a day trip to Disneyland and a day trip to Paris. Fifteen minutes in the car and you are in Disneyland. And half an hour’s drive further you are in the middle of the city of Paris.

View of Notre Dame

We think Paris is a really nice city to visit with children. The city has many large and recognizable sights that children have seen several times in films and series. Think of the Eiffel Tower and of course Notre Dame. But also the nice terraces and the parks with the painters give a nice atmosphere with children. And my oldest daughter loved the many cloth markets that can be found all along the walking paths in Paris. At one point my children had so many Eiffel Towers that they could put down a rug themselves.

In short, Paris with children is a must! And ideal for a day trip during your holiday at a campsite near Paris.

Campsites above Paris

If you’re looking for a campsite above Paris, you probably don’t want to drive too far. There are quite a few campsites above Paris. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Sometimes we are in for a small campsite, nice in nature. And sometimes we want lots of entertainment for the kids. But when we as a family are looking for a campsite, we always look for a campsite with a swimming pool. In the end we came to two favorite campsites. As far as we are concerned, these are the recommendations when we talk about a campsite with a swimming pool above Paris.

Camping Sandaya Paris Maisons-Laffitte

A campsite just above Paris, on an island in the Seine. That’s fantastic isn’t it? A metro station is within walking distance, so you don’t even have to take the car to visit Paris. If you do want to go into the city by car, it will take you about 20 minutes to get to the center. Camping Sandaya Paris Maisons-Laffitt has a swimming pool and some play areas. Look here for rates and availability >>

Camping La Croix du Vieux Pont

A bit higher above Paris, on the river Ainse and a stone’s throw from Soissons, you will find camping La Croix du Vieux Pont. This is a campsite that has everything and you can read our experiences at Camping La Croix du Vieux Pont here. A bus departs from the campsite to Paris, so you can make a day trip from the campsite. But you can also drive to Paris yourself, it will take you more than an hour to get to the center of the city. View the rates and availability here >>

france eurocamp

Campsites just below Paris

When you drive a little further south and end up just below Paris, the choice of campsites becomes slightly more extensive. Here too, the starting point is of course a visit to Paris with the children. But we also looked at quality, a swimming pool and, as far as we succeeded, nature.

Camping Huttopia Versailles

Lots of nature, a wide range of self-developed tents and chalets, and a well-thought-out vision in which freedom and outdoor living are central, that is the vision of the Huttopia camping chain. A stone’s throw from the Palace of Versailles and close to the metro, Camping Huttopia Versailles is located. Ideal for a city trip combined with a holiday in nature. View the rates and availability here >>

Image: Huttopia

Huttopia Rambouillet

Because we love nature, we stay at Huttopia for a while. Huttopia Rambouillet is a bit further, but you will also find this campsite just below Paris. At Huttopia Rambouillet campsite, you are fully immersed in the natural atmosphere, including an eco swimming pool and a vegetable garden. The center of the capital of France is 60 kilometers away. Doable for a day in Paris, but personally I would just book a family room in the center of Paris. Learn more about camping Huttopia Rambouillet? Look here for rates and availability >>

Camping Parc des Roches

Camping Parc des Roches is located in the beautiful area of ​​Ile de France, about 40 kilometers southwest of Paris. Because this campsite is located just below Paris and yet in a wooded area, this is a great campsite to celebrate your holiday. A campsite with a swimming pool and entertainment for the children, so rest for the parents. View the rates and availability here >>


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