8 art bridges in Amsterdam – Municipality of Amsterdam

From this autumn, Amsterdam will be 8 ‘art bridges’ richer. These are temporary auxiliary bridges that are necessary for the work on the Oranje Loper. We provide the bridges with art, so that the environment remains attractive during the work. Residents and entrepreneurs in the area could vote for their favorite work of art.

The auxiliary bridges will soon be not only useful and necessary, but at the same time form a special art route that is interesting for all Amsterdammers.

Orange Runner

In the Oranje Loper program we are renovating 9 bridges from Raadhuisstraat to Mercatorplein. The cables and pipes that run through these bridges will be moved to temporary auxiliary bridges. 8 of these auxiliary bridges will soon be decorated by 8 different artists.

63 proposals

An assessment committee made a first selection from 63 proposals. A total of 52 artists submitted 1 or more proposals. The committee assessed them for artistic quality and technical feasibility. The assessment committee consisted, among others, of experts in the field of visual art and architecture, a representative of the Association of Friends of the Amsterdam City Center (VVAB), residents and entrepreneurs. From the selection of the assessment committee, residents and entrepreneurs from the immediate vicinity ultimately chose the winning proposals for ‘their’ auxiliary bridge.


The artworks will be placed on the sides of the auxiliary bridges. The works of art have one thing in common. They all have holes through which light shines at night. This way, the art is also clearly visible in the dark. In addition, the lighting shines on the bridge deck. As a result, no additional lampposts are needed to properly illuminate the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

The winners

Reusable Bridges

Cables and pipelines that provide gas, electricity, water, telephony and internet will run through the 9 bridges that we will be renovating. We will move this to a temporary auxiliary bridge next to it. A total of 8 auxiliary bridges have been placed, which will remain in place for a few years. To ensure that the bridges fit into the environment as well as possible, an architect designed them and the environment was given a voice in the appearance of the sides. The art auxiliary bridges consist of several parts and are designed in such a way that they can be used elsewhere in the city with minor adjustments when the work here is finished.

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