Touring together with the ‘duo village bike’ through Leenderstrijp, Leende and Sterksel | Cranendonck, Heeze-Leende

LEENDERSTRIJP – For residents of Leenderstrijp, Leende and Sterksel who can no longer cycle independently, there is a special village bicycle. They can rent a duo bike for a ride through the area.

The first ‘test drive’ was made on Sunday in Leenderstrijp, by resident Harrie van Stipdonk and alderman Jan de Bruijn of the municipality of Heeze-Leende. De Bruijn officially handed over the tricycle to Riet van den Broek, chairman of the Welzijn en Zorg foundation in Leenderstrijp. The foundation has the bicycle on loan.

“The duo village bicycle is a nice addition for Leenderstrijp and contributes to the quality of life,” says Van den Broek. Residents with a disability, but also the elderly who no longer dare to cycle independently can use it. Visitors to the campsites in Leenderstrijp can rent a bicycle through the campsite managers and enjoy this beautiful environment.”


This is a great way for older people to get out and about.

Harrie van Stipdonk, Resident

Van Stipdonk also did that on Sunday afternoon. “I have a scooter myself, but this is a great way for older people to get out and about.”

The duo bike, which has pedal assistance, can be used with a family member, friend or volunteer. There is one person on the bicycle who steers and brakes. If desired, the other person can pedal along, but not steering or braking.

In addition to the Welfare and Care foundation, Zorgcoöperatie Gladly in Leende and Samen Cycling Sterksel also have a side-by-side tandem on loan. The bicycle can be used for a fee of 5 euros per half-day. A flyer with further information will soon be available at various locations in the three cores, such as at village houses, campsites and shops. In Heeze there is already a side-by-side tandem at the Nicasiushuis.

Helping people get active again

The municipality has financed the three side-by-side tandems with corona money that it received from the government. De Bruijn: ,,Purchasing bicycles was one of the initiatives that came into consideration. The side-by-side tandems help people to become active again, but it also promotes social contacts, for example by having a chat along the way.”

In Leenderstrijp, a few residents take care of the rental, maintenance and management of the side-by-side tandem, which is parked at the Sint-Jan cooperative store on Strijperstraat.

The ‘gift’ provided an extra festive touch at the nostalgic shop on Sunday. It is one of the oldest (since 1916) independent grocery stores in the Netherlands. Five years ago, Wilma van der Linden took over from the previous owner. This lustrum was celebrated festively on Sunday. Van der Linden: ,,The past period was a success. All basic necessities are available here, as well as regional products and fun original gifts. It is therefore also an experience store. In addition, the store also has an important social function. The bond with Strijp is therefore very close.”

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