Tomra celebrates 50th anniversary

Tomra, a global provider of advanced packaging ingestion and sorting solutions, celebrates its 50th anniversary. Each of the group’s four divisions – Packaging Intake, Food, Recycling and Mining – has expressed a collective mission to “change the way we obtain, use and reuse the planet’s resources to enable a zero-waste world.” to make.”

“We live in a world that is in need of a major turnaround. We urgently need to become more sustainable, develop the circular economy and use resources more efficiently. The solutions Tomra provides can help meet those challenges,” explains Tove Andersen, President and CEO, out.

“Fifty years after humble beginnings, Tomra can be proud of being a highly respected global market leader. We have the ability to adapt, innovate and provide the solutions our customers truly need. Now it is Also time to look ahead as we are writing a new chapter in Tomra’s story taking on our role as the leader of the resource revolution.”

Tomra was founded in Norway on April 1, 1972 by brothers Petter and Tore Planke. After seeing a local grocer struggling to manually collect empty bottles in his shop, the brothers developed the first fully automated recyclable vending machine (RVM) in the garage of the family home. The invention was quickly embraced by retailers and launched an entire industry for the efficient collection and recycling of returnable drinks containers.

Tomra’s pioneering approach has led to continuous developments over the years in the design and production of RVMs, as well as advanced sorting solutions for the food, recycling and mining industries. The technology-based and tailor-made solutions optimize resource recovery and minimize waste. There is increasing demand for this as sustainability becomes more important in business, government and consumers.

“Transformation is at the heart of everything Tomra does. Tomra is transforming ideas and technology into intelligent and breakthrough tools. We are transforming businesses into profitable and sustainable businesses and we are transforming the way the world’s resources are obtained, used and reused. And so we also help transform people’s daily lives,” Tove continues.

Tomra currently employs more than 4,600 people worldwide and has an annual turnover of €1 billion. One-fifth of the group’s workforce is devoted to research and development, which accounts for 8% of sales.

“We are proud to participate in the celebration of 50 years of Tomra. Tomra Food is a fairly new division, but feels strongly connected to the whole group, because we all have the same corporate culture and the same goal,” said Michel Picandet, Vice President and head of Tomra Food.

“Tomra is committed to leading the commodities revolution in a world where ‘every piece of raw material counts’. Our mission is to help our customers feed the world, improve yields, minimize waste and create sustainable value. to create.”

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