TipTopTuinen campaign by BUUV brightens up all of Haarlem and the surrounding area

BUUV Haarlem has started its annual ‘TipTopTuinen’ campaign. The intention is to brighten up as many gardens and balconies throughout Haarlem as possible for people who can no longer do this themselves. There are quite a few open garden questions on the BUUV website, so Haarlemmers with green fingers are welcome to get started in gardens and on balconies.

Pruning hedges and mowing lawn favorite
Project leader at BUUV, Thijs de Laat: “Every spring we see at BUUV that there are many people who want to give their garden or balcony a makeover, but are unable to do so (anymore). There is especially a need for help with trimming hedges, mowing the lawn, repotting plants and making the garden or balcony cozy. For the ‘TipTopTuinen’ campaign, we therefore call on Haarlem residents to come forward if they want to help someone else with preparing a garden or balcony for spring. We really like it when all participants post a ‘before and after’ photo on Instagram or Facebook. Then everyone can see how good things are pimped up and that a lot of Haarlemmers are enjoying themselves again this spring.

Green and healthy volunteer work
‘TipTopTuinen’ is green and healthy volunteer work. People who want to help can respond online to the call from those seeking help via the BUUV website. From mowing the lawn for an hour to redesigning a facade garden: all efforts are greatly appreciated. You can register directly for garden jobs via this link: bit.ly/3NOlVqU.

For more information about the TipTopTuinen campaign, you can consult the BUUV website: haarlem.buuv.nu/tiptoptuinen.

People who find it difficult to register digitally can of course also call BUUV. An employee of BUUV can help with the application and the mediation with a volunteer. Telephone number BUUV during office hours: 023-5300 500.

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