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Apr 5, 4:53 PM

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Who dares to look ahead in this day and age? Climate crisis, energy crisis, Ukraine crisis and an ongoing Corona crisis, the world is in full swing and you may wonder what influence I can still have on this, can and can we still look ahead at all? Our influence on worldly problems is minimal and looking ahead has become a difficult theme. Changes are part of existence, every day, small and sometimes major changes. With our problem-solving skills, we manage to give this a good spin most of the time. Security of existence provides peace, security and the opportunity to make plans. Well, every day it is a challenge to make something beautiful out of our lives!

Looking ahead in the new municipality of Maashorst, where hard work is being done on a solid organization after a radical reorganization of the civil service. This takes time and a careful approach.
The helm is in good hands of a new young generation of drivers, they can make the difference. The greatest challenge is being progressive in the local area, and implementing and implementing plans for a sustainable municipality. In the hands of alderman Jeroen v/d Heuvel, an enthusiastic administrator who, together with the residents of the Municipality of Maashorst, can make a difference. With the Maashorst Nature Area as the green core, a sustainable transition in the agricultural sector, realizing affordable and feasible options for citizens to make homes more sustainable and, together with residents and businesses, flesh out an attractive tourist area.
Bas Keijzer, Mara Slegers and Charlotte Henst together form the group for Maashorst Vooruit. Ambitious, young councillors, full of ideas and energy. Together with council members Teddy Thenu-Manders and Theo de Veer, they aim to implement the Maashorst Vooruit program over the next four years. For Maashorst Vooruit the dream scenario with which they entered the elections. The party that has consciously included thinking ahead, looking ahead in its name. Four years to realize and implement ambitions requires decisiveness. These ambitions can be realized with your help, ideas, wishes and support for this help us.

Want to help build and give meaning to the Municipality of Maashorst together? With your contribution and commitment this will certainly be possible! Interested? Please contact one of our group members.

Jacques Pijnappels
Maashorst Forward

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