Samsung and Nifty Gateway Join Forces to Develop the World’s First Smart TV NFT Platform – Samsung Newsroom Belgium

Samsung and Nifty Gateway jointly develop the world’s first Smart TV NFT platform1† This way you can access the NFT marketplace from home where you will only find top artists and you can discover, buy and trade their digital art and collectibles. Nifty Gateway will be integrated into Samsung’s 2022 premium TVs, such as the QLED and Neo QLED TV. The platform also makes its independent app available on Samsung’s The Frame and MICRO LED TVs.

Leveraging the groundbreaking technology from Samsung and Nifty Gateway, you can access more than 6,000 artworks from emerging talents and established names such as Beeple, Daniel Arsham, Pak and more.

“Our mission is to make the world of NFTs accessible to billions of people. At the same time, we give artists the opportunity to share and offer their works. Our platform makes purchasing, creating and storing NFTs easier than ever,says Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder of Nifty Gateway. “It is great that we are now joining forces with Samsung to further increase our clout. Samsung’s focus on delivering the ultimate user experience on high-quality displays aligns perfectly with our goal of empowering everyone to interact with their favorite artists.”

Partnering with the leading NFT marketplace, your Samsung Smart TV gives you instant access to:

  • Verified Digital Art: NFTs coined through Gifty Gateway are guaranteed to provide quality content.
  • The latest custody technology: Nifty Gateway has a custody option. This means that you store your NFTs in a secure Nifty Gateway Omnibus wallet.
  • Payment flexibility: You can purchase an NFT through various methods, such as debit cards, credit cards or cryptocurrency.

View Samsungs press release For more information.

About Nifty Gateway
Nifty Gateway is a platform where you can easily buy, sell and store digital art and collectibles – also known as nifties or NFTs. Nifty Gateway was founded in 2018 by Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster and was acquired by Gemini a year later on the belief that crypto networks and blockchain have the power to fundamentally change the art world. This gives artists, creators and collectors more choice, independence and opportunities.

About Gemini
Gemini is a platform where you can buy, sell, store and earn cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether and DeFi. Gemini’s simple, innovative and safe products are built to empower the individual. Gemini was founded in 2014 by twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

1 Availability of Samsung’s TV NFT Platform may vary by market.

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