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Wednesday April 6, the doors of almost all primary schools in Apeldoorn and the surrounding area will be open between 9.00 and 12.00 for children and their parents who are looking for a new primary school. Pre-registration is not necessary.

Parents are given the opportunity to visit one or more primary schools that morning. The three school boards of Leerplein055, PCBO and the Veluwe Education Group want to organize this in a safe way. It is important that parents and children stay at home with corona and make a new appointment with the school.

Taste the atmosphere

Choosing a primary school is an important decision. Do you choose a school nearby? A school with an educational concept or clear identity? The open day is a great time to visit several schools and get a taste of the atmosphere. On there is an overview of all participating primary schools in Apeldoorn and the surrounding villages. By filling in a number of search filters, such as type of education, travel time, childcare, etc., you can easily search for matters that you as a parent find important. Parents can thus easily make a first pre-selection of schools that appeal to them.

Parents and child(ren) can taste the atmosphere at different schools on this morning in an accessible and non-binding way. Headmasters, teachers and/or students are ready to tell more about education and culture and to show the day-to-day running of the school. This open day is also a great time for toddlers to take a look at school.

Admission Policy

There is a new way of registering and registering for primary school. When a child is 4 years old, it can go to primary school. In Apeldoorn, new rules and agreements have been made to register and register children. This policy applies to all children born after May 1, 2019. More information about the new admission policy can be found at

Childcare collaboration

Many schools in Apeldoorn work closely with childcare organizations, which are often also located in the school building. This care can vary from daycare and toddler care to after-school care. At most schools, parents and children can also take a look there and talk to pedagogical staff.


The primary schools in the municipality of Apeldoorn open their doors twice a year during the open day. The open day of primary schools in Apeldoorn and the website is an initiative of Leerplein055, Veluwse Onderwijsgroep and PCBO Apeldoorn. The foundations are jointly involved in this.



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