OldStars walking korfball starts at kv Noveas Steenwijk

The forms of exercise have been adapted to the over-55s and, in addition to exercise, meeting and social contact are central. Supplied photo

On Saturday 23 April, people over 55 can get acquainted with OldStars walking korfball for free at korfball club Noveas from Steenwijk. The clinic is not only for former korfball players but for everyone (with or without korfball experience) who would like to be vital and socially active by exercising. Noveas organizes a nice kick-off on 23 April where people can get to know each other, the trainers and a first training consisting of a warming up and fun forms of play and exercise.

Of OldStars walking korfball The Elderly Fund, in collaboration with the Royal Dutch Korfball Association (KNKV), offers an adapted form of game for korfball at a later age. The forms of exercise have been adapted to the over-55s and, in addition to exercise, meeting and social contact are central. You can register for the kick-off on April 23 via Peter van der Terp 06 – 29515547 (also for more info).

The National Fund for the Elderly is committed to OldStars walking korfball in improving the vitality of the elderly and encouraging important social connection. Korfball is not the goal here, but a means to (continue to) develop condition, strength and adaptability at a later age. The most important adjustments are: no running, 1/4 of the field (width), 4 against 4, shooting is always allowed and no jumping when shooting.

Noveas has been active within Steenwijkerland for quite some time and with the association is committed to more sports, exercise and vitality for all ages. The association is widely known for the many korfball clinics they provide at the primary schools in Steenwijk, the large annual school korfball tournament and now also want to include an older target group in their enthusiasm to create a nice cozy sports environment for everyone.

The program for the kick-off on Saturday 23 April:

10.30 am – Coffee or tea with something extra!

– Explanation of the trainers: game rules and movement forms

– Explanation from physiotherapist Henny Biemans: warm-up

11 a.m. – Get on the field and get to work!

12.00 – Have a chat while enjoying a drink and a nice cup of soup.

Be welcome at the association, the coffee is ready in the clubhouse’ t walk-in – Middenweg 20 (Sport Park De Groene Long).

After the kick-off, the participants train every Wednesday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and afterwards they drink coffee/tea together.

OldStars for all over 55s

OldStars is there for all over-55s who want and are able to exercise themselves in sports, at the sports club and in society. Sport is used as a means to allow them to exercise in an accessible way, to bring them together, to participate and to be meaningful within the association or the neighbourhood. At OldStars everyone can easily move, participate, meet and maintain their own direction by being active as a supervisor, trainer, game supervisor and/or volunteer. The National Fund for the Elderly, together with partners Menzis, VWS, RCOAK, Zabawas and Stichting Sluyterman van Loo, is taking the next step in the development of an elderly-friendly sports environment.

After Old Stars walking football The Elderly Fund has already successfully launched 14 new adapted games for the over-55s, such as OldStars walking hockey, OldStars table tennis, OldStars walking basketball, OldStars tennis, OldStars walking handball and OldStars walking rugby.

About the National Fund for the Elderly

Together with partners, donors and volunteers, the Nationaal Ouderenfonds is committed to a society in which no elderly person needs to feel lonely. Our activities are accessible and focused on encounters. In this way we help the elderly to grow older in an active way. We also encourage society to be an age-friendly environment. Because you get older together!

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