‘Mirrors’ is growing into something very special

Apr 4, 22:14


‘So nice to see that all the puzzle pieces are gradually falling into place’

By Henri Walterbos

EAST GELRE/LICTENVOORDE – Ticket sales have started the days before and the posters have been distributed. This Sunday you can see what it’s all about in the Switegebouw and Den Diek. The musicians rehearse in Den Diek, a kilometer away, the Swite building is fully used by the actors and actresses of the mega production. Every now and then lines are made with each other for bits of consultation to finally make everything look oiled on Saturday 7 (3pm and 7:30pm) and Sunday 8 May (3pm) in the Hamalandhal in Lichtenvoorde.

“We’re going to practice dry today, play the entire piece one after the other. We skip the music pieces and dances for the sake of time.” Director Stan Geurts is ready, flanked left and right by no fewer than two right hands today, Jos Taken and Robin Hollweg, together forming the production management, who start the music and images at the right time during the ‘dry practice session,’ and they keep time. Bee. Everything is disciplined and everyone is sharp. Something beautiful is clearly growing here. ‘Mirrors’ grows into something very special.

Hilarious scenes
When players sit in their seats, waiting for their turn to take action, it is immediately noticeable from second 1 that ‘Mirrors’ is a production that will make the spectator glued to the seat, you are there from second 1 fully seated. Impressive scenes, images and sounds follow each other seamlessly, but there is also plenty of room for laughter in sometimes very hilarious scenes. Also moving moments and dead silences during poignant solo vocals. At the end of the songs there is applause from the fellow actors/actresses for the performance of the colleagues.

Spectacular piece
Actors and actresses come from all over the municipality. With and without experience. In the group of inexperienced people also a striking one. Paul Wallerbos, councilor of OLW. “I read in a Facebook message that they were still looking for someone who could fill two small roles. So I gave up because it remains important to keep telling the story of the Second World War. Especially now that we have unfortunately recently had another horrific war conflict in Europe. I have no stage experience, but the first rehearsals went well. It is truly a professional spectacle with choirs, dancers, musicians and many visual effects. The war story and the rehearsals have already impressed me.”

Walter Leemreize, chairman of the Foundation 4 and 5 May Lichtenvoorde, under which the production is organized and carried out, is an attentive spectator. He is also impressed. “It’s so nice to see that all the puzzle pieces of the performance are gradually falling into place. I was also at the musicians’ rehearsal in Den Diek this morning. Beautiful music from a huge orchestra! From ‘Abide with Me’ containing the ‘Taptoe signal’, to ‘In the Mood’ by Glenn Miller. The musicians have to work hard, but they like to do it. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can see the fun splashing about.”

ticket sales
Tickets, including a 16-page program booklet, are for sale for 3 euros in all centers: Tourist Office Groenlo, Dorpshuis ‘t Kempken Harreveld, Foto Primeur Lichtenvoorde, Loco Eating and Drinking Lievelde, BMV Mariënvelde Foundation, Café Overkamp Asker, Spar Zieuwenten Café Playground Grolzicht Zwolle.

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