‘It would be nice if we got more seniors to exercise’

MARIAHEIDE | Tennis and Padel De Krekel recently started OldStars tennis for the over-55s. But if it is up to Peer van Merriënboer (65) and Puck den Doop (73) then that offer will be expanded with, for example, korfball and walking football. “We want to reach more people,” they say.

Have you played tennis for years, but are you no longer able to play tennis completely, for example because of an injury? Or have you played tennis in the past and would you like to try it again at a modified level? Or do you want to exercise (again) and are you curious about how much fun exercise in combination with tennis is? Then Old Stars tennis offers a solution, according to Peer and Puck. “OldStars tennis is suitable for all elderly people who want to keep moving in a healthy way and without the risk of injury, and for elderly people who once played tennis and now no longer play tennis due to an injury, for example. With the adapted form of play and guidance, there are wonderful opportunities to be active on the tennis court and to meet new people. Movement and improving your coordination and motor skills are central, combined with tennis”, explains Puck. In principle, the sports and exercise classes are offered once a week under supervision. Puck: “The advantage of De Krekel is that we can always go inside.”

Puck, Hanneke and Peer as attentive spectators.

Socially active
In addition to Oldstars tennis, Peer would like to offer more sports at De Krekel. “It would be nice if we got more seniors to play sports. The target audience is huge. In addition, the seniors are not only active in sports, but also socially active. It is an accessible way to meet new people.” Peer and Puck try to lower the threshold by increasing the range of sports on offer. “If there is enthusiasm to play korfball or football. Why not? They would like to get acquainted with tennis and padel. Many people think that tennis and padel is difficult, but that is a misunderstanding,” says Peer.

The municipality has been involved in Walking Sports for some time. Peer says that the two initiatives do not interfere with each other. “We have been in contact with Henry van de Alebeek, the initiator from the municipality, and he is positive about our plan. You have to see it as an expansion of the offer.” According to Hanneke Ketelaars, there is no commercial interest behind it. “There is a small fee, but it is negligible. We want to prevent seniors from disappearing behind geraniums. That is the most important.”

Information and registration via info@tennispadeldekrekel.nl or call Puck 0651435926 or Hanneke 0644454242. Interested parties can join immediately. More information is here to find.

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