Infographic helps integrate technology in healthcare education

The new infographic provides teachers with tools to integrate technology into their curriculum. This visually and textually richly equipped PDF includes the V-model. This is a two-layer qualification model that lists the qualifications that every healthcare professional should have in order to work with technology.

V-model & technology

The V-model has already been used in workshops with teachers from colleges and ROCs. The national workshop ‘Technology in your lessons, that’s how you do it!’ is an initiative of Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Deltion College, [email protected], Fontys and Vilans. The V-model is an initiative of a number of practitioners and lectorates. Together they wanted to create a qualification model for the use of technology in healthcare and welfare. The model had to be usable for the integration of technology into regular curricula and training and for continuing education in the context of lifelong development.

Teachers’ experiences with technology in education

Teachers give many useful practical tips in the infographic on the right. Examples: start small, ask colleagues to become ambassadors, include technology in as many lessons as possible and also involve other healthcare organizations that have experience with this in the education program. The infographic also contains various links that offer concrete teaching ideas, such as the website.

Interprofessional contacts

Another important point in integrating technology knowledge into educational programs is interprofessionalism. First of all, good interaction is needed between technical, care and welfare professionals and education. Understanding each other is necessary for this: what does the care and welfare professional need and what information does the technical professional need to design a good application for this. A look in each other’s kitchen can help with this, and the sooner professionals do this, the better people understand each other and dare to visit each other. That is why it is important to establish interprofessional contacts during the various training courses in the field of care and technology.

Opening event 2022

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