“I see the fun in everyone when they are playing”

Apr 5, 10:11


‘I see the joy in everyone when they are playing’

By Henri Walterbos

LICHTENVOORDE – They are all remarkably fresh and fruity this Sunday morning in the Eurostudio in Lichtenvoorde, the youngsters who together form The Passionband. It soon becomes apparent why. They really enjoy making music together, stepping outside their comfort zone, because not everything they play in The Passion Achterhoek is on their own playlist.

Final rehearsal
“We have been there from the start, in 2016. Couldn’t do anything for two years because of corona. Started two years ago, but it was quickly canceled. Now we’re finally here again,” says Walter Döppen, together with Peter Krabbenborg musical leaders of The Passionband. Then he steps into the middle of the circle of musicians. “We’re going to pretend today it’s the dress rehearsal. If something goes wrong, it’s not a big deal, just keep going,” Walter reassures the young people. A role made for him. Peter sits behind his keyboard and plays along himself.

The musical part of The Passion is at least as important as the stage. In The Passion Achterhoek many times more impressive than with the big brother on TV. All music is live and the band consists only of young people who are crazy about making music together. The music gives just that extra charge to the story every time. Songs connect seamlessly with the lyrics written by Hans Hinkamp or are the perfect prelude to the next scene. Then drummer Cas taps off and becomes ‘As long as you follow’ by Fleetwood Mac, as one of the 12 songs played. This promises a lot of beauty and good.

“It’s always a huge quest for songs,” says Peter. “Hans Hinkamp and I look for the songs together and in which place or which scene they fit. The text is also relevant here. Then we’ll work it out and I’ll see who fits which song best. We had some numbers of Marco Borsato in it, but because of all the hassle about his person we removed them and looked for other numbers. It is sometimes quite out of the comfort zone for the band members.” As a music teacher at the Marianum location Lichtenvoorde, Peter knows the skills of musicians, singers. “I always first ask the people from last time if they still want to participate in a new edition. When a few withdraw, I look for new students. I soon notice that as a band they quickly sense how the songs run and who does what where. It’s from fairly new to old songs. Dutch and English. Even a Bökkers song is in it.”

easter story
Just before that, the band members tell about their motives for participating and what they do or don’t like about the Easter story. It is fairly unanimous what drummer Cas Huinink, guitarist Kees Huitink, keyboardist Jochem Scharenborg and bassist Wiebe Maalderink say. ‘I don’t like the story much’ to ‘Personally, the story is completely separate from it’ and ‘I just think it’s nice to make music’. Guitarist Twan Raben laughs; “It’s the first time I’ve been doing something with sheet music in a long time. Jochem has worked it all out neatly.” “The biggest challenge is the song ‘If I let you go’ by Trijntje Oosterhuis,” says Wiebe, “You just have to know where certain preconceived notes are. I’ve never had music theory. Because Jochem has written it all out neatly, I can play it.” Jochem about this; “I had already written all the songs from two years ago, but to put all those hours back into it now, I hadn’t succeeded. Musically, Trijntje’s song is indeed the most challenging song by far.”

An honour
The girls are a little more talkative. Carmen Havekes; “I mainly participate because I really enjoy making music. At school, Peter heard me sing and asked if I would like to participate. I said ‘yes’ to measure. It is very pleasant together.” “It’s my third time participating,” Joske Fukkink continues. “I really enjoy it, really enjoy it. You have a bond with each other.” Lièn Bakker makes his debut: “I really enjoy it because singing is my passion. I can express my feelings well in it. I was also asked by Peter if I wanted to participate in this. I thought that was quite an honor.” The only singer is Rijk Vogel: “This is my fourth year participating. Never sang before that, until I had to sing in music class and Peter asked me too.” Peter hears it radiantly, and enjoys it. “I see the joy in everyone when they are playing. I think that’s the most important. It’s beautiful to do. I think the process is even more important than the product. How they are working on it, how tense they are beforehand. It’s great to see how everyone is dealing with that.”

Ellie Mobbs also participates but is absent today. Later in the day, Laura van Kaam joins in. In addition to some solo songs from her EP ‘Who I am today’, to be released this week, she plays a few songs together with The Passionband. The omens and stories promise much beautiful things.

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