Despite the corona crisis, life expectancy in the Nijmegen region continues to rise

– The average life expectancy of the inhabitants of the 14 municipalities in Gelderland-South is increasing slowly, for years in a row. The corona crisis has not changed this trend either. The recently published Budget 2023 of the GGD Gelderland-South shows that life expectancy is still increasing.

Most residents healthy and happy

However, the number of elderly people with chronic diseases and disabilities is increasing due to the aging population. The older one gets, the less control over one’s own life. According to the GGD, 13 percent of the over-65s have insufficient control over their own lives.

Most residents in this area are doing well. They feel healthy and happy. Children and young people generally grow up healthy.

Corona has a long-lasting impact on vulnerable people

However, the differences in health are large and it is a region with great diversity. For example, there is great diversity in terms of religion, political color, level of education and in terms of urbanization, ranging from rural villages to university towns.

The corona crisis will have a huge and long-term impact, especially on the group of vulnerable people in society. According to the GGD Gelderland-South, this emerges from a large number of studies. The corona crisis has created health inequalities that are complex and therefore difficult to catch up.

Local prevention agreements important

The GGD Gelderland-South therefore attaches great importance to the local prevention agreements that several municipalities, such as Nijmegen, have agreed upon. Due to corona, further arrears have arisen in the field of poverty, schooling/education, job loss, and problematic debts.

According to the GGD, this leads to more loneliness, stress and fear among the population. Particularly for the group of vulnerable people, an integrated approach is needed that connects minimum income policy, health, sport, work and the environment.

Halving problematic alcohol use

The National Prevention Agreement aims for a smoke-free generation by 2040, a quarter fewer overweight people and a halving of problem alcohol consumption. About 70 parties have signed this agreement.

The Prevention Agreement fits in well with the health policy of the municipalities in Gelderland-South, which is intended to broaden the integrated approach to lifestyle themes. “We are green, healthy and on the move Nijmegen” is a local prevention agreement to which the GGD is affiliated, together with 50 other participants.

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