Club house de Derde Half links movement and fun together

During the second national balcony exercise day, a lot of seniors again participated in Leiderdorp. (Photo: Robbert Beurse).

In the football world, the third half is mainly for chatting with a beer in hand, Clubhuis de Derde Helft offers seniors a place to move together and meet each other. In the canteen of hockey club Alecto and football club RCL at De Bloemerd in Leiderdorp.

Rob van der Groen is one of the initiators of Clubhuis De Derde Helft. “We started at the end of 2019 and a little later we were in the middle of the corona crisis and we had to close,” says Van der Groen. But the corona restrictions also resulted in new forms, such as ‘balcony movement’, in which a professional instructor shows exercises on the street that people can participate in from their balcony or on the sidewalk. The Leiderdorp balcony movement was followed nationally. “It was born out of necessity, but it caught on enormously. And on Friday 20 May is the third national balcony movement day.”

Watch and listen to the broadcast below in which Sport071 presenter Gerry van Bakel talks with Rob van der Groen of Clubhuis de Derde Helft.

Last year balcony movements threatened to die, but now a ‘generous donor’, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated enough money to continue the balcony movements in 2022. “And in March we received another donation from the Pluspunt in Leiderdorp, which has since been closed. this means we can also offer balcony movements at a new location for a year.”

But Clubhuis de Derde Helf is more than balcony movement. At De Bloemerd it is possible to participate in Walking Football, Walking Hockey, Walking Korfbal and Walking Tennis. It is basically the same sport, but it is not allowed to run and the field is often slightly smaller. The walking variant makes it possible to continue playing at an advanced age. “We are also working on cycling. Many elderly people would like to cycle but are a bit anxious and there are also some accidents with braking and getting on and off. A new program will start on Wednesday 6 April. And people can still sign up for that.”

Furthermore, Rob van der Groen will go out again on Wednesday 6 April to hand out tulips and there will be an Easter lunch this year, because the Christmas lunch could not take place due to corona restrictions. “Unfortunately, the Easter lunch is already fully booked, so people can no longer sign up for that. But feel free to take a look at our website of Clubhuis de Derde Helf. Everyone is welcome, even from outside Leiderdorp.”


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