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The consultation takes place in the Troelstrazaal of the House of Representatives. You can watch or listen live via this website. Or watch Debate Direct via the app and website.

Agenda and report

You can read all the documents associated with this meeting. As soon as the verbatim report of the consultation is ready, you can read it via this link. The agenda of the upcoming debate is diverse, which is why it is also called a gathering debate. The previous committee debate on this theme took place on 11 November 2020. Two important topics of the upcoming debate are briefly explained below.

Elderly policy

The number of elderly people in the Netherlands will increase significantly in the coming years. For example, the number of over-75s will grow from 1.4 million in 2020 to (estimated) 2.6 million in 2040. It is important that these elderly people receive sufficient care and support. The ‘Dialogue Note Aging 2020-2040’ was published in 2021. It discusses changing insights into aging and the significance of the increasing number of older people for society. Several action programs are also currently underway from the previous cabinet, such as the ‘Langer Home’ and ‘One against loneliness’ programmes. The Langer Thuis program aims to enable the elderly to participate independently in our society for as long as possible. One against loneliness aims to identify and break through loneliness among the elderly earlier.

Social Support Act

Municipalities have the task of providing their citizens with the best possible support at home. This concerns support with the aim of actively participating in society for as long as possible and continuing to live independently at home. Think, for example, of the aforementioned elderly, but also of people with an illness or disability. This support is possible under the Social Support Act (Wmo). This concerns help and care within the social domain, which also includes youth care, for example. When discussing the Social Support Act, a number of sub-themes are regularly discussed, such as procurement and tendering within the social domain, supervision of the social domain and the subscription rate in the Social Support Act. The ‘Multi-Year Program Supervision of Social Domain 2021-2024’ concludes that citizens do not always receive appropriate and timely care and support. It is also recommended to continue to look at the social domain in an integrated manner. This requires cooperation between all relevant parties.

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