Cabinet calls on thermostat to be lowered, does that itself

In advertisements in the national newspapers, among other things, the cabinet calls for shorter showers and to set the thermostat at home and in the office to a maximum of 19 degrees. In this way energy can be saved. The national government itself is turning down the heating in its office buildings by 2 degrees.

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Energy prices have risen sharply due to the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. The government has earmarked money to ease the pain for the poorest households in particular, but is also focusing on measures to reduce gas and electricity consumption.

Grants and loans

In addition to saving advice, the government offers subsidies and cheap loans for people who want to insulate their homes better. The aim of this National Insulation Program is to tackle a total of 2.5 million poorly insulated homes in the years up to and including 2030. 4 billion euros is available for this.

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‘Smart to save’

‘Energy saving has not received the attention it deserves in recent years,’ says climate and energy minister Rob Jetten. ‘We are now going to change that. It is wise to save energy for several reasons. It’s good for your wallet, the climate and it helps us to become less dependent on gas from Russia.’

Environmental organizations

Environmental organization Natuur & Milieu is pleased with the insulation plans and the government campaign, but also advocates measures for companies and organisations. ‘Significant energy savings have never been more important. The climate crisis, the war in Ukraine and rising energy prices. We have no time to lose.’


Employers support the government’s call to save energy. This is what entrepreneurial organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland have announced. In advertisements in newspapers, the cabinet calls for, among other things, to set the thermostat in the office to a maximum of 19 degrees. Energy prices have risen sharply due to the war in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia.

“We are therefore happy to do our part with our members and that is more important than ever,” says a spokesperson on behalf of the employers’ organisations. ‘We ask everyone to see what is possible for them.’ This can be done, for example, by turning down the heating or adjusting the climate control. In addition, VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland recommend taking simple insulation measures.

The FNV union says that employers such as the government are responsible for a safe and healthy working environment. This means that it should not be too cold in the office, for example. ‘We are not negative about it, but the work must remain feasible,’ says a spokeswoman. FNV advises companies to consult with their employees about, for example, turning down the thermostat.

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Office buildings and homes

The national government saves between 5 and 10 percent on gas consumption by lowering the thermostat in two hundred office buildings. This amounts to a reduction of 300,000 to 600,000 cubic meters in the total consumption of these government buildings, says Minister of Housing Hugo de Jonge.

De Jonge acknowledges that there are limits to the number of homes that can be better insulated in the short term. Already there are often long waiting times at installation companies. Still, he hopes it will help if funding becomes accessible to more people. “It makes a big difference as a company whether you tackle houses one by one, or with whole blocks or even neighborhoods at once.”

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