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True lovers of Italy have probably heard of the smallest region of this beautiful country, Valle d’Aosta. Located in the north of Italy in the Alps, this region consists of fairytale glaciers, multiple lakes, Roman ruins and high mountain peaks. Due to the diversity in environment and landscape, there is a lot to do and Valle d’Aosta is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful natural areas in Europe.

sniff culture

In the capital of Valle d’Aosta – Aosta – there is plenty of culture to sniff. Here you will find the (now dilapidated) Roman amphitheater, which can be reached via the east side of the city by walking under the Arco d’Augusto. This Arco d’Augusto is the triumphal arch that was built after the Romans conquered the Salassi people, the first inhabitants of Aosta. This happened in 25 BC, when Valle d’Aosta was invaded by Emperor Augustus and his troops. The Roman influences are still clearly visible in the region, which is therefore also called the Rome of the Alps.

In addition to the Roman amphitheater, Aosta also has many fortresses and castles, including the Fénis castle and Forte Di Bard. In addition, you can also visit beautiful museums in a number of castles. If you really want to experience culture, there are various musical and culinary events that you can attend in the summer. Enjoy traditional music, attend the masked parade and taste local delicacies. The chestnut is a real delicacy, cheese fondue is on almost every menu and Malvasia di Nus is a popular wine from the region.

Walking and cycling

Due to its beautiful and diverse nature, Valle d’Aosta is a perfect area for walking, cycling, rafting and even skiing. For example, you have various routes through Monte Cervino, Mont Blanc and Gran Paradiso (the highest mountain in Italy at 4,061 meters) that you can choose from. There are also various routes that you can take around lakes such as Lago Blu and Lago d’Arpy. The pristine environment and wild animals such as chamois, marmots and ibex ensure that you will be amazed.

Ultimate relaxation

The fact that Valle d’Aosta has such a diverse environment means that you can even go there for ultimate relaxation. Sunbathing at a beach destination such as Lago di Lugano or staying in one of the wellness hotels, the choice is enormous. Whatever reason you visit Valle d’Aosta, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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